A Housing Community For The Developmentally Disabled

FORWARD Annual Yard Sale 2016

Fellow FORWARD Thinkers,
A big thanks to all of you who helped with donations & donated your time to our more successful than ever FORWARD Yard Sale @ Kate's Seafood & Ice Cream. It was a perfect day to sell treasures & promote FORWARD.

SPECIAL THANKS to Sandy Corbett for putting together a very effective table with our new FORWARD banner, building plans & BROCHURES, & for signing up MANY new followers on our mailing list.
The friend raising we did today is immeasurable.
AND to Mary Ann Tosi for getting the word out to her extensive friend network who dropped off all kinds of fabulous finds.
AND to Marcia Toromanian from Kinlan Grover Realtors, who turned us on to the realtor network of homes & available furniture, a real key to today's success.
AND to John, Liam & Jon Ohman who spent countless hours over the past two weeks collecting furniture & finds in John's pick-up truck.
You guys rocked it.
AND, lastly, to our best Yard Sale Seller ever, Deb Darson, who always makes the best sale possible, & is singularly responsible for so much of the $ we raised today.
Thanks to everyone who made this such a success. We're not done yet.
~ Kathy Ohman - President, F.O.R.W.A.R.D.