NPR-Health - On NeuroTribes & Steve Silberman...

NPR-Health - On NeuroTribes & Steve Silberman...

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On Nazis, autism, Steve Silberman and why we should focus more on services than cures for people with autism spectrum disorder

"Autism Awareness" - From another perspective:

The Washington Post

My three daughters are autistic. I despise Autism Awareness Month.

Autism shouldn't be celebrated.

by Kim Stagliano

Kim Stagliano has authored a novel and two books on parenting daughters with autism. She is managing editor of Age of Autism.



Let’s be clear: Autism is no walk in the park for those who have it, nor for their loved ones. The National Autism Association, the leader in autism safety information, reports that 48 percent of autistic children wander or run away from a safe environment, a rate nearly four times higher than their non-autistic siblings. Accidental drowning accounts for about 91 percent of death



Hillary Clinton Proposes Plan to Support Children, Youth and Adults Living with Autism and their Families

Today, Hillary Clinton is announcing a wide-ranging autism initiative—including screening, diagnosis, treatment, services, safety and legal protections for individuals on the autism spectrum across the lifespan, steps to ensure they are treated with dignity, partnerships to help them secure employment, support for families and caregivers, and a commitment to increase research funding to deepen our understanding of autism. More than 3.5 million Americans are believed to have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). According to a CDC estimate, one in every 68 children in the United States was identified as having ASD in 2010. And the costs of treatment and services are beyond the abilities of most families. Improving support for children and adults on the autism spectrum and their families can vastly improve their lives and open the door to more sustainable costs for Medicaid and other public programs as services are delivered using integrated, community-based approaches. And these proposals will not only help people with autism and their families but also will benefit others with developmental disabilities.

Hillary Clinton believes that our country must make supporting individuals and families with autism a priority—for the millions of people living with autism and their loved ones, and millions more who will be diagnosed in the future. As president, Clinton will:

  • Conduct a nationwide early screening outreach campaign to ensure that all children, and in particular children from underserved backgrounds, can get screened for autism.

  • Push states to require health insurance coverage for autism services in private insurance plans as well as marketplace plans offered in the state so that people with autism are not turned away.

  • Launch the Autism Works Initiative to extend new resources and establish public-private partnerships that will connect people with autism with employment opportunities.

  • Authorize the first-ever adult autism prevalence study in the U.S. so that we improve our understanding of how to identify, serve, and support adults on the autism spectrum.  


Autism Advocates Journey from "On-The-Brink" to on-the-Hill

Special Feature story from a recent DATELINE series by Kate Snow.

Fabulous multi-part series featuring three years of exploration.  A well-done first-hand look at autism and what aging-out means from a family's (and a mom's) perspective

Long awaited ribbon-cutting celebration of The Residences at Melpet Farm, S. Dennis, MA

Long awaited ribbon-cutting celebration of The Residences at Melpet Farm, S. Dennis, MA

Yet another reincarnation for a Town of Dennis, MA. property. A plot of land that in the way of community spirit and use seems to have just gotten stronger and better over its’ interesting history and with each renewal.
The celebration of a long awaited property redevelopment took place on Friday, October 16th, 2015 and was attended by many members of the community, along with quite a few representatives of both state offices and the non-profit sector.
Just a few among the throng of happy visitors who were spotted ushering in The Residences at Melpet Farm were Congressman William R. Keating, State Rep. Timothy Whalen, HAC CEO Rick Presbrey, and FORWARD President Kathy Ohman.

This unique building project consists of of 8 newly constructed residential buildings complete with solar and day-lighting design. The low imprint design

THANK YOU to FORWARD'S Trivia Night 2015 Spectacular Sponsors!

What a whirlwind of activity. This year's Trivia Night 2015 Fundraiser is off to a roaring start. We would like to thank all of you who are currently involved in making this annual fundraiser a success. Volunteers, committee members, and everyone from the local and distant community who are pulling the rope together to help haul us all into the future and keep the momentum strong.

A very special thank you to CAPE COD FIVE CENTS SAVINGS BANK CHARITABLE FOUNDATION TRUST - for not only stepping-up-to-the-plate as a major sponsor of Trivia Night 2015 early in our planning stages, but for their gracious support and belief in our vision.

And a big 'FORWARD Hat's-Off' to the following Trivia Night 2015 sponsors:


MARGE COOK - Harwich, MA


BUOY brand - Harwich Port, MA


Dennis selectmen approve house for adults with autism

Dennis selectmen approve house for adults with autism
August 29th, 2015Cape Cod Times
Christine LeGere
DENNIS — A nonprofit organization's effort to create affordable housing for adults with autism and related disorders has taken a step forward.
Friends Or Relatives With Autism and Related Disorders (FORWARD), teaming up with Housing Assistance Corp., had submitted a proposal for 4.9 acres of town-owned land on Hokum Rock Road, which the selectmen unanimously approved earlier this week.
The town will lease the property to the group for 99 years.

The project promises to be challenging, but FORWARD President Kathy Ohman said she is excited to see it advancing. “It’s been in the works for a couple years,” she said. “It’s a collaboration with


SOUTH DENNIS – Dennis parents Kathy and John Ohman are experts on autism – two of their three sons have been diagnosed with the disorder. Now the couple is part of an organization asking town meeting to help create housing for what they say is an underserved population.